OEDIPUS EL REY by Luis Alfaro
RANCHO MIRAGE by Steven Dietz
YANKEE TAVERN by Steven Dietz
JERICHO by Jack Canfora
26 MILES by Quiara Alegría Hudes

“In an industry as competitive, as unstable, and as personal as theater, the acknowledgment from a national body of professional theaters that the Emerging Playwright Residency gives a young writer is invaluable.”

-Jennifer Fawcett, Playwright-in-Residence 2009

“NNPN not only lives up to its mission of championing ‘the development, production, and continued life of new plays,’ but also champions the authors of those new plays in the long journey from page to stage.”

-John Biguenet, Rising Water, Shotgun

"The generosity and vitality of this unique and much needed organization ultimately benefits playwrights, theatres, audiences and the culture."

-David Rambo, The Ice Breaker

“In grad school I was writing politically, socially-derived works, not blockbusters. I saw very little future for my voice. Then NNPN invited me in... I am not only a better writer because of my association with them, but I am a better artist, and witnessing their generosity, a better person. ”

-Sean Christopher Lewis, Playwright-in-Residence 2008


“NNPN really acts as a new play grapevine. Because member theaters are in regular contact, they get to know each theater's mission and tastes and a recommendation from one member to another is much more meaningful. Those relationships have helped my work find a home. ”

-Allison Moore, Hazard County, Collapse

“[NNPN’s] professional network is as vital (and unique) as the artistic support -- I've not found any other group that offers both.”

-Eric Coble, For Better

“I can't say enough about the impact the Continued Life Program had on my play. That elusive and desirable thing called 'buzz' that consecutive productions can create… very much became the case for Love Person. Three productions grew to six thanks to NNPN.”

-Aditi Brennan Kapil

“The Smith Prize was a great shot in the arm for me. It served as a valuable affirmation from my peers that my work is both of a high quality and exploring important issues. ”

-Seth Rozin, 2007 Smith Prizewinner, Black Gold

“I was and remain deeply honored and encouraged by the Smith Prize… I love that the prize is awarded to a script and not a production… I love that NNPN is working against premiere-itis.”

-Y York, 2008 Smith Prizewinner, ...And LA is Burning

“The National New Play Network is so vital and necessary - one of those really bright ideas - that one wonders why it took so long for theaters to get together and create it.”

-Yussef El Guindi, Jihad Jones and the Kalashnikov Babes



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NNPN is changing the way the field thinks about new plays and playwrights. The Continued Life of New Plays Fund, Playwright and Producer Residencies, commissions, the MFA Playwrights Workshop… Since its founding in 1998, NNPN has granted over a half million dollars to theatres and playwrights, providing employment for hundreds of artists across the country where NNPN’s 27 member theaters are located.


Please donate via our secure PayPal link above if you'd like to help us create a healthier environment for new plays and playwrights.  You can send a check to us at the addre​ss below, or contact Executive Director Nan Barnett to discuss other ways of supporting the Network.

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The National New Play Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations made to NNPN are tax deductible.


NNPN’s support of new plays and playwrights would not be possible without extraordinary and generous support from the following friends.  Won't you join them?


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